Vision and Mission Statement

Remembering WWII: Vision

Remembering WWII exists to glorify God through the faithful stewardship of the historical record of the Second World War. Our desire is to honor the men who have gone before, foster inter-generational connectedness, and promote a deeper love for and understanding of God’s providential hand in history, while proclaiming the truth of the hope that comes only through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Remembering WWII: Mission

We seek to accomplish our mission through three overlapping focus points:

Living History – History is best taught by those who lived it, and our foremost “living historians” are the many WWII veterans who attend Remembering WWII. We seek to provide a high-quality, immersive reenactment experience, not for the purpose of glorifying war or escaping into the past, but rather to bring alive for our attendees the realities of the stories they hear from these living historians.

Education – It is often said that “those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” We believe that the better we understand history, the better we will be equipped to chart a straight course for the future, avoiding the mistakes of our forefathers, while building upon their accomplishments.

As Christians, we believe that all of history is the story of God’s work among men, and that any time period can only be truly understood in that context. However, we do not seek to provide an end-all viewpoint on history in general, or of the events of WWII, but rather to plant the seeds for a love of history that will prompt individuals to dig deeper into the historical record themselves.

Our educational approach is multi-faceted, primarily focused on first-hand stories from our veterans, but supported and enhanced by special speakers, printed materials, and the sights and sounds (and even tastes and smells) of the 1940s through musical performance, period food & drink, the reenactment battles and recreated 1940s town, and many other activities.

We also believe that the best education is achieved within the context of personal relationships, and to that end seek to foster meaningful relational connections between our attendees, veterans, reenactors, local community, and volunteers.

Honor – Our chief emphasis and goal is to honor the men and women that became known as “The Greatest Generation”. Remembering WWII exists largely to provide an opportunity not only for our attendees to learn from these men and women of character, but also to show gratitude to them in a small way for their integrity and commitment to duty and freedom.

This goal is based on a broader belief that man was created in the image of God, and therefore every person is due respect. At Remembering WWII we seek to create an atmosphere of honor and good conduct that extends not only to the veterans, but to each and every person in attendance, every member of our volunteer corps, and the residents of the town of Linden.

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