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DONATEAre you doing all you can? Donate or Volunteer Today! Remembering WWII 2016

This event is 100% FREE for all attendees and reenactors, and completely staffed by volunteers. We desire to keep it this way, and your financial contributions will take the burden of funding Remembering WWII off the shoulders of a few individuals, and allow the freedom to improve and expand the event in many directions. The 2017 event was a huge success, and we wish to build on that well-laid foundation. To donate, please use the donate button here:

NOTE: All donations are tax-deductable


Alternately, consider volunteering for our event staff and help us on the day(s) of the event. Volunteers of all ages are welcome. Event coordinators can always use assistance for site and decor set-up, display preparation, maintaining the grounds and miscellaneous tasks.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us:

Please consider sponsoring today! For more information, please reference the documents below:

RWWII 2016 Levels of Sponsorship – Local

RWWII 2016 Levels of Sponsorship – Corporate