Remembering WWII 2017 Battle Reenactor and Vehicle Owner Safety & Authenticity Rules

It is the responsibility of each participant to act in a safe and reasonable manner at all times. The organizers of this event have final authority on all safety and conduct issues. Waivers must be signed in order to participate in the battle.


Weapon Safety

  1. No person under the age of 16 will discharge any live firearm during this event.
  2. State and Federal firearms laws will be strictly adhered to by all participants.
  3. No live ammo.
  4. No unsheathed bladed weapons or fixed bayonets.
  5. No wood tipped blanks.
  6. No shotguns.
  7. Blank adapters need to be checked for tightness throughout the day.
  8. No blind firing around corners, obstacles, etc.
  9. Firing of weapons (including test fire) is only allowed during the battle or at the direction of battle coordinator.
  10. Hearing and eye protection is encouraged; however, please use period-type glasses and neutral-colored earplugs.
  11. No direct shooting at anyone within a distance of 30 feet.
  12. Do not discharge a firearm within 10 feet of anyone to avoid eardrum damage.
  13. Treat every weapon as loaded until checked.
  14. Do not discharge weapons close to the public.
  15. Gas guns must have all related hoses hidden, sound correct, and be used in a realistic manner (not just continually fired).


Vehicle Safety

  1. Vehicles must be driven in a safe and reasonable manner at all times by a licensed, experienced driver.
  2. Weapons must be on safe when entering/exiting vehicles.
  3. No speeding allowed. During the battle 10MPH maximum speed.
  4. Vehicles should not back up without a spotter or clear line of sight.
  5. Braking and steering systems must be in good working order.
  6. Parked vehicles on an incline should be in gear and e-brake applied or wheels chocked.
  7. Maintain 3 points of contact when entering or exiting vehicles.


Medical Emergency

In the event that someone has been seriously injured, the battle will stop immediately. The people around the wounded individual should yell “ceasefire” and “corpsman” immediately to seek out medical attention and/or Event Staff. “Corpsman” is to be yelled only in a medical emergency. Anyone with medical training is encouraged to help if they can. Everyone else should either stay clear or call for help.



Authenticity rules go into effect on Saturday morning at 8:30am. There will be a check of uniforms and equipment at the beginning of the battle. Flagrant violators will be asked to leave.

  1. Battle timeframe: D-Day to Operation Cobra. All Axis and Allied soldier impressions in the ETO on the Western front are allowed. No Eastern front impressions.
  2. No modern items in plain sight, including food packaging.
  3. Haircuts and facial hair must be regulation cut for the impression.
  4. Vehicles, uniforms, insignia, and equipment must be correct for the impression. Only original or exact reproduction quality allowed.
  5. Jewelry/watches/glasses must be period correct.
  6. No post-1945 weapons or long barreled versions of correct-era weapons.
  7. Use of captured weapons/vehicles not allowed without the consent of battle coordinator.
  8. No modern walkie-talkies in the field unless the radio has been modified to appear period-correct.
  9. Keep modern cameras and camera phones hidden.


Other General Rules

  1. Keep to the public battle scenario.
  2. Nothing should ever be thrown at a vehicle driver. No burning object should be thrown in or near a vehicle.
  3. Collect unfired rounds so that civilians do not find them.
  4. Helmets are required in battle (no soft caps).
  5. Everyone is personally responsible for securing his or her own property. The Remembering WWII staff is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  6. Anyone who finds a lost item should turn it in immediately at the Registration Tent. Anyone who has lost an item should let the Registration Tent know.
  7. Do not litter or put trash in the porta-johns. Check camps and battle areas for garbage before departure.
  8. Check camp fires before leaving to ensure they are out.
  9. No alcohol consumption allowed on Saturday. Moderate consumption allowed on Friday from dusk to 11pm, in the encampment area only.
  10. Refrain from profanity when the public is present.
  11. Behave appropriately toward all fellow reenactors, event staff, and the public. Any inappropriate or forward behavior must be reported to battle coordinator or event staff.