Remembering WWII 2014

Please enjoy the following video highlighting some of the fun aspects from Remembering WWII 2014:

Here is a video short depicting the 2014 reenactment:



“The most enjoyable time. I can’t say how proud I was to go to your event. I was expecting a few old people scattered around Linden. … We had all kinds of people talking to us. I couldn’t even cross the street without people stopping me to talk to me. … I wouldn’t have missed it for anything!” — R. Churchwell, USS Hornet, WWII Veteran

“That was an awesome event you … hosted. I do not really have any brave stories. I was proud to serve in a small way stateside.” I appreciate … your honoring us.”– R. Sonnleitner, WWII Veteran

“This has been one of the best days of my life! … I just can’t thank you enough. It was amazing and I enjoyed it very much.” — R. Coburn, USS Jaguar, WWII

“I thought that it was going to be nice, but it was WAY more than I expected. He (my husband) has never spoken to his family about the war; but he has shared some with me – through tears. We have been married 7 ½ years… We have a wonderful life. Don’t forget us if you do it again. We will be there!” — Mrs. L. Adair, wife of WWII veteran that attended

“Couldn’t have been any better.” — Dan Dodson, boat coxswain on LCVP in Pacific theatre, WWII Veteran


“Thank you to the town of Linden for such a neat experience! My kids loves it. It is great to meet and hear the stories from the real heroes. Definitely will recommend and look forward to this event next year.” — M. Higgins Gomez, 2014 attendee

“This was one of the most wonderful historical events I have ever had the pleasure of attending. I was completely awestruck by the patriotism and dedication to preserving history that everyone participating displayed. I hope there will be more to come!” — E. Allish, 2014 civilian reenactor

“We had a great time, thank you so very much for putting this together!” — J. Hanley, 2014 attendee

“In all of the years I have been reenacting this has got to be the best first timer ever event. This was the first year of this event and the town and all of the volunteers who helped to support and put this event on were great. … Thank you all for making this event as great as it was.” — R. Dickerson, 2014 reenactor

“I was SO impressed with this event. I’ve never been to a WW2 event where we were treated so great! Also the planning and execution were spot on. I have already made plans to attend next year’s event and want say VERY WELL DONE!!!” — K. Wade, 2014 reenactor

“Kudos to the Courter family and everyone who helped put on this event yesterday. Everything was first class and my family was entertained and inspired. Thank you to the town of Linden for hosting the event. Also, a big thank you to all of the WWII vets that fought for our freedom.” — J.B. Ballenger, 2014 attendee

“That was a amazing weekend all around. The details that went into this event! Thank you Courter family and friends. Keep up the good work honoring WWII veterans.” — R. Nitsche, 2014 battle coordinator

“One of the BEST times singing we’ve had all year!” — K. Boyer for The Boyer Sisters, 2014 musical performers

“I had a wonderful time, anybody who did not come to this event, really missed out on something not seen very often. I hope they do it again next year!!” — T. Hulett, 2014 reenactor

“it Was GLORIOUS!!!!!” — N. Adcock, 2014 reenactor


Many thanks to our event photographers:

Isaac Botkin, Anna Sofia Botkin, Geoffrey Botkin, Charles Vernier, Charlotte Boyer, John-Luke Solid, Jonathan Redman, & Rachel Redman