Board Minutes, January 2018

I. Approve minutes from last meeting (Oct 2017).

Approved (unanimous) 

II. Any old items to discuss or decisions needing finalized?

No items

III. Approve of New board members

  • Anthony Courter
  • Charles Vernier 
  • Casey Asher
  • Thomas Wilson
  • Brad Lemmon 

(Unanimously agreed upon by 2017 Board)

IV. Approve Leadership structure

 Board of advisors with the chairman making final decisions (unanimous)

  • Anthony Courter Chairman (unanimous)
  • Charles Treasure (unanimous)
  • Thomas Secretary (unanimous)

V. Discuss changes to nomination and voting process

Do we want to change the board nomination and voting process to involve the Board and Department Heads only? – Anthony

One problem with this is it is a blurry line between what the department head is and what is just upper management in that department. At what point do you draw that voting block? – Brad

We need to think about what we are voting for. Do our volunteers really know who they are voting for and what we are looking for in leadership? I would like us all to read or listen to the audio book The Ideal Team Player. We don’t need to make a decision yet, but I did want to discuss this now since the 2017 Board members were here tonight as well. – Anthony

VI. Discuss Expenses and budget items

 A. All departments submit budget by 31st of March? (event is Sep 29th)

 B. PA system We need to add at least 4 more speakers preferably 6 (these are about $200 ea)  

VII. Positions needing confirmed

 A. Website maintenance and update

Charlotte Boyer $500 (unanimous) 

 B. Fundraising

Monica asked to take over fundraising  (Confirmed by Zack and unanimous) 

 C. Graphics Designer

   1. Isaac Botkin should know by the end of the week if he’s able to design this year’s promotional posters

   2. Nawelle Noor has agreed to design this year’s T-shirt. 

 D. Spreadsheet

Brad Lemmon is building an official RWWII spreadsheet

VIII. Upcoming event schedule 

2018 RWWII Workshops will be casual in nature, built around fellowship and team building experiences.

– February 25th – 28th

SFEA awards banquet and training Murfreesboro TN

– April 14th 

Coker Cruise-in Chattanooga TN

– April 21st – 22nd

WWII Heritage Days Peachtree City GA

-May 14th – 20th

National Aviation Museum Dayton OH 

-June 16th – 17th

Henry Ford Museum and Motor Muster Dearborn MI

IX. Are we on track with Vision and Mission Statement?

Everyone agreed there were no concerns at this time and we were on track. 

X. Other items of business and updates. 

 A. Casey suggested maybe some more organized children geared activities in the future?

 B. Anthony suggested Safety concerns and liability forms need to be addressed.

XI. Set time and place for future meeting 

February 19th 5:00 at Casa Granda in Hohenwald

Board Minutes, October 2017

I. Approval of minutes from last meeting.

Approved unanimously

II. Review final budget income/expenses.

Approved unanimously

III. Discuss RWWII’s future.

Since the event was less stressful for all department heads, and RWWII Vision and Mission were carried forward, and the influence of RWWII upon its volunteers and community remains very positive and impactful, the board will put RWWII 2018 to a vote durning tomorrow’s department head meeting.

Approved unanimously

IV. If we host RWWII 2018, the board needs to finalize:

A. Who’s able to make nominations for board member elections?

All volunteers from 16 years of age and older

B. How many nominations can a volunteer submit?

From 1 (one) to 5 (five) qualified men (see attacked qualifications set forth by the board)

Once the board has the list of nominees from RWWII’s volunteers, the board will verify:

1. Nominees qualifications and

2. Nominees willingness and ability to serve.

From that list, the board will then narrow the list down to no more than 15 names to be voted upon at the next annual election.

C. Who’s able to take part in the final voting process?

1.  All Department heads

2. Those volunteers identified by their department heads and approved by the board as being:

a) 18 years of age and older

b) considered a major time investor

c) actively shares RWWII’s stated Vision and Mission

d) has served RWWII in some capacity for 2 (two) or more years.

Board Minutes , June 2017

I. Approve minutes from last months board meeting.

II. Updates for items discussed at last meeting.

1. T-shirt update. Rebekah is researching what sizes and prices we should order based on previous sales

2. Roxy theater in Dickson. They are playing our trailer and as a thank you we will be sending the owners a T shirt and meal passes for the USO show.

3. BT-13. Plane is being sold by the owner and is not available

4. Approve proposed schedule. Approved unanimously

III. Other items of business and updates.

Thomas will ask Casey Asher to contact the CAA about coming up in some planes to do a fly over

IV. Set date for next meeting

August 3rd

Board Minutes, May 2017

I. Approve minutes from last months board meeting.

Approved unanimously

 II. Updates for items discussed at the last meeting. 

A. Approve Esther Courter as the Event Coordinator. (Appointed and approved unanimously)

B. Approve Casey Asher as Social Media Manager. (Appointed and approved unanimously)

C. Change to date for Volunteer meeting. May 27th

D. Budget item. Mike Johnson, pastor, friend, and previous owner of PA system I purchased last year, has agreed to run the sound system and train someone to run our system in the future. RWWII will cover traveling cost, food, and lodging.  (approx. $200 approved unanimously)

III. Proposed 2017 Schedule 

The schedule was not reviewed, but will be at the Volunteer meeting on May 27th.

IV. Other items of business and updates. 

Roxy theater in Dixson is willing to show an add for RWWII. Last years video needs updated.

Charles modified Nawelle’s Marine 2017 T shirt design and will present his updated version to her.

V. Set date for next Board meeting and adjourn public meeting. 

June 1st

Board Minutes, April 10th 2017

I.  Approve minutes  from last meeting

Unanimously approved

II. Updates for items discussed at last meeting

A. Facebook We are looking into the possibility of Cassy Asher taken responsibility for social media.

B. Event Coordinator  Esther Courter had stepped forward asking to be considered for this position. Desiring to meet with Mr Turley before final commitment.

C. Update on past events attended (only attended Chattanooga went really well a lot of traffic to the booth)
Next one coming up is WWII Heritage Day’s at Peachtree City GA.  April 22nd-23rd

D. Gari’s pop up tent request Thomas makes a motion to buy all six at $600 Charles seconds, 4 in favor, Mr D. apposed

E. T-Shirt design Thomas makes motion to have Charles get with Nawelle to complete the T-Shirt design. All were in favor of this decision

III. Update from Brad concerning spreadsheet progress.

Taken and downloaded the database from last year and inputted it into the new program

We need to get more data from the previous department heads and volunteers.

We should be able to get it all upload to a master calendar with reminders automatically sent out.

Brad is willing to meet with all the heads and get all this data compiled

He will also try and meet with Jess and Ellen to see what info they have but have not loaded yet and find out what other info we need

He suggested we sit down with the coordinators and “white board it” So that we can lay out the entire event and to find all the little nitty gritty you will know what you have and what you need

IV. Finish setting budget for departments (the budget will be officially approved at the next Board meeting)

A. Encampment $120 ($1,500 if we level the lot)
B. Printed Material (programs, posters, invite cards) $2,000
C. Stage Manager $1,500 sound guy, PA speakers, mics,
D. Homefront Kitchen $200
E. Security ?? (Golf carts?)
F. Traffic $100 (Golf carts?)
G. Café and Canteen ??
H. Evening Dinner $2,400
I. Info/Registration Booth $3,500 Merchandise to be resold
J. Photography $300
K. Vet Care Team $1,300 (Golf carts?)
L. Crowd Interaction $400
M. Main Speakers ?? $2,300 ??
N. Lunch $4,000
O. French Fronts ??
P. Music $1,600 Merchants of Cool, song sheets, etc
Q. Props and miscellaneous items?? Main stage, tables, chairs, portable bleachers…
R. Fireworks $750
S. Special groups or equipment BT-13 Air plane $500; Tanks ?? US & German ??

V. Set a date to meet with all department heads and volunteers

Main goals are: Meet the Board, Updates concerning decisions the Board has made, Work through town setup, Talk about battle scenarios, Budget and fund raising, etc… Tentatively set for June 3rd at the Courter’s home.

VI. Establish rules for golf cart use.

To be determined but unanimous understood that we NEED rules of operation and authorized use.

VII. Other items of business and updates:

Update from Charles about the book display

Has found a pair of brothers who have offered to loan some of thousands of these war time books and possibly may come to be available to talk at the booth

Something we really need to think of portable bleachers being able to accommodate another 200 spectators

VIII. Set date for next meeting.

May 10th

Board Minutes, March 15th 2017

I.  Approve minutes from last meeting

Unanimously approved

II. Updates for items discussed at last meeting

A. III.A T Shirt Design Nawelle said she’s on track and should have us a design to review by the 18th.

B. III.B Facebook

After reviewing Jessica’s notes concerning Facebook, Charlotte felt the project was too much.
Wayne will see if his daughter Laura is willing. This duty will take approx 1 hr a day about 4 days a week

C. V. Date correction for Apex Bank July 1st, not the 2nd. Continue reading “Board Minutes, March 15th 2017”

Board Minutes, Feb 15th 2017

I.  Approve minutes from last meeting

Unanimously approved

II. Updates for items discussed at last meeting

A. Point II. G.  4 & 5

1. G4 Who’s eligible to vote?

Decision:  Department heads and others in supervisory roles.

2. G5 How, if ever, are board members removed?

Decision:  The reasons for being removed are as follows:

  • Not following the Vision or Mission statements, Not being involved in the meetings (for any reason including but not limited to relocation, family issues), or Character issues (following the qualification of elders).
  • If a member is removed for any reason, the person with the next highest votes (6th) will be appointed in their place.

At this time, the board has set these paramiters for points 1 & 2, but will likely revisit this discussion at a later date. Continue reading “Board Minutes, Feb 15th 2017”

Board Minutes, Jan 20th 2017

On January 10 the department heads voted for board members.  The results were announced January 11. The following men were elected.

Board Members:

  • Anthony Courter (Mr. C)
  • Wayne Verret (Mr. V)
  • Zach DuBois (Mr. D)
  • Charles Vernier (C)
  • Thomas Wilson (T)

First Board Meeting held January 18, 2017.

I. Officers to be Appointed:  Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairman.

A. Thomas appointed Secretary (unanimously)

B. Mr. Courter appointed Chairman (unanimously)

C. Mr. DuBois appointed Treasurer (unanimously) Continue reading “Board Minutes, Jan 20th 2017”